Church Haley is a freelance Makeup and FX Artist based in New York City. Since 2005 Church's keen work ethic, professionalism and creative edge have earned him a reputation for excellence.

Church's fascination with Makeup begin in his teens. Captivated by the theatrical rock bands, he was inspired to teach him self airbrush Makeup. That path quickly led him to further his education at Vancouver Film School. There he practiced a diverse range of Makeup, from simple corrective and high fashion to character and prosthetic Makeups. Through VFS Church interned Masters FX in Burnaby, British Columbia, where he learned to make silicone prosthetics and prosthetic transfers.

After working on a series of Canadian short films he traveled to Wellington, New Zealand, where he spent 2 years working in film, TV, and fashion. Much of his time in Wellington was spent at Body FX, New Zealand's #1 in face and bodypainting. There he worked as a sculptor & Makeup FX Artist and learned from world famous bodypainters like Nicole Heydenrijk and Alex Hansen.

Church's prosthetic Makeups have been shown at TePapa, New Zealand's national museum. In both the U.S. and NZ he has taught classes ranging from theatrical to prosthetic and airbrush Makeup and served as head of dept. and key Makeup artist on numerous films, music videos, and occasionally theatrical productions.

Church and his partner, Sarah, relocated to New York at the end of 2011. Since he has done Makeup for haunted attractions such as Times Scare NYC and Pennhurst Asylum and continues to work in the film industry