Church Haley

Makeup & FX Artist / New York City
Mobile # 646-705-4101

Objective:  Seeking a challenging position in Makeup & FX utilizing my creative aptitude, experience, and interpersonal skills.


2011                Alex Hansen’s Advanced Airbrush Body Painting Class

2008                Masters FX (Vancouver, BC)
Two-week (80 hours) internship, with training in:

    • Making and applying “bondo” prosthetic transfers and plastic-encapsulated silicone prosthetics.
    • Mold-making with plaster, silicone, and 1630 resin, as well as prosthetic eye construction.

                Vancouver Film School (VFS)
Full-time one-year program, Makeup Design for Film and TV, including:

    • Airbrushing, life casting, sculpting, molding
    • Prosthetic construction using gelatin and foam latex, over-the-head mask construction
    • Anatomy and physiognomy, corrective makeup, Photoshop
    • Glamour and fashion makeup, makeup history, stage makeup
    • Hairstyling and wigs, ventilated hair pieces, hand tied wigs, hair laying/punching 

      Northwest Arkansas Community College
Courses in Theology and Philosophy

       Springdale High School
Drama Club; Graduate, Class of 2001

Work Experience: Makeup and FX







Pennhurst Asylum
(voted #1 Haunted Attraction in US 2011&2012)

PennHurst Asylum

Marisa Giammatteo, HOD Makeup
Mobile 610-999-8871


Sept 18th, 2012 – Nov 4th, 2012

Makeup Artist, Scare Actor

Broken Sizzle Reel

Talaiya Safdar,

Emily Gee, HOD Makeup
Mobile 347.393.9562

June 24th, 2012

SFX Makeup Artist

The House Jack Built (Feature)

Walk Up Productions, LLC.

Henry Barrial, Director
Mobile 323.578.7738

June 2012, 3 days

FX Makeup Artist &
Blood FX

Run For Your Lives
(5K Zombie Run)

HLG Productions

Crystal Soveroski, HOD Makeup
Mobile 443.615.1188

May 2012, 5th-6th

Airbrush Makeup Artist

Time Scare NYC,
Haunted House

Times Scare NYC

Sky Vega, HOD Makeup
Mobile 718.598.2086

Dec 2011 – June 2012

Scare Actor, Makeup Artist

Body FX

Body FX

Nicole Heydenrijk, Owner
Mobile +64.21.522.423
Studio  +64.45.647.010

Mar 1, 2010-
Oct 2011

Sculptor, Makeup Artist


Josh Cleary

Josh Cleary, Director

July 2, 2010 –July 3, 2010

HOD SFX Makeup

A Fictitious Thesis
(short film)

Etienne Vaudrey

 Etienne Vaudrey, Director

May 28, 2010 - May 31, 2010

Key Makeup Artist

Music Video

Ambulance Productions

Ace Beatz, Director

Apr 26, 2010 – May 2, 2010

Key Makeup Artist

Darryn Exists
(short film)

Falling Sandwich Films

Bonnie Slater
Mobile +64.21.409.915

Mar 3,  2010 -Mar 6,  2010

Makeup Artist
Key Makeup Artist

Makeup Instructional Class & Demo

Rhythm &
Dance Studio

 Tobey McCutcheon, Owner
Studio +1.479.361.2236
Mobile +1.479.879.3339

Aug  4, 2009

Makeup Instructor

What Army Promotional
Photo Shoot

Asylum Productions

Jessica Eris
Mobile +1.479.387.2179

June 5, 2009

Makeup Artist

His White Eyes
(short film)

Betty Jiang Films

Betty Jiang, Producer, Director
Mobil + 1.778.836.9187


Makeup FX

Raycliff Manor Haunted House

Eureka Screams

Kelly Allen (Owner)
Mobile +1.479.981.1213

Oct 1,  2007 - Nov 1, 2007

Staff Makeup Artist,  Airbrushing, Actor

Additional Skills:
Some experience Welding, First Responder Certified (CPR/first aid), customer service, phones (both inbound and outbound), Microsoft Word, data entry, fork lift operator, cashier.


Sky Vega, Makeup & FX Artist, (Times Scare NYC)
Mobile 718.598.2086,

Crystal Soveroski, Makeup HOD, Run For Your Lives
Mobile 443.615.1188,

Charlie Grant, Vancouver Film School:
Mobile +1-604-836-9753,

Gideon Hay, Vancouver Film School:
Mobile +1-604-505-7797

Masters FX: Makeup & Practical FX Shop
Office +1-604-683-5311,